Glass strength/strengthening and flaws, indentation hardness and cracking (site sponsor, C.R.'Chuck' Kurkjian)

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Strength Improvement Idea
Over the years, progress in glass science in general and in the science and engineering of glass strength in particular, have suffered because of the small size of the community available for glass research, and by the persistence of 'secrecy' in the industry . In recent years however, there has been an upsurge in activity in many areas of 'Glass Mechanics' around the world.  In view of the increasing use of electronic communications,  it was felt that taking advantage of the  internet might be a way to stimulate contact and collaboration and to simplify the dissemination of information.  For instance it would allow:
1.   the publicizing of activities in this area
2.  promotion of collaboration between the 'glass mechanics' community and the 'greater mechanics' community
3.   the posting of references, manuscripts, data
4.   the search for experimental or theoretical help/collaboration
The purpose of this web site is to promote cooperation among scientists/engineers who are active in areas of 'glass mechanics'. Here, 'glass mechanics' is meant to include all of  the following, but not necessarily to exclude many more:
1.  strength
2.  strengthening
3.  indentation
4.  hardness
5.  crack nucleation and growth (fatigue)




It is hoped that all interested and involved parties will contribute in the following and in many other  ways:

1.  indicate the name/activities of their group together with contact information/web site links

2.  provide references and/or manuscripts (PDFs) of pertinent works

3.  indicate the experimental and theoretical tools which they have available    and are willing to share
4.  share glass samples
A major hope of the organizers of this site is that it will serve to facilitate the establishment of links between workers looking for experimental/theoretical help or facilities.  It may also serve to allow the sharing of personnel for more rapid advancement not only of of research but of the careers of our younger workers.
If you are interested, please go to  the "join us" page for more information.